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I have additional pages about Australia:

The Northern Territory and the Queensland page.

Some Tips in the beginning:

1.German EC-Card works in OZ!

2.German GSM (D-Netz) works in Oz as well!

3.German news are screened every day at 11:30 on SBS channel!

4.Before U come, buy Boomerang Pass from Quantas!

5.See Southpark! (if u cant wait to know what its about visit "Southpark Central"!

Sydney Opera

Moment in the Marble Bar

Sydney Sea Plane

the three sisters in the blue mountains (little yelloe this time)

Moment in the Marble Bar

Moment in the Marble Bar

Moment after the Marble Bar

Moment in the Marble Bar

Parrot in the blue mountains

Stephan, JayJay, Ammar and me (anticycle)

Australian way to build a highway (just cut through the mountains)

Australian way, NOT to go on the highway

Sydney is by all means an extraordinary place with its multicultural aspects (they got radio stations in 5 different languages here), the amazing cliffy coastline, the huge harbour and the close National Parks. Living expenses are quiet cheap here: the Big Mac costs about 1,75 US$ (compare that to the Big Mac Index of The Economist) and a beer (425ml) is 1,60 US$ or 2,80 DM. But compared to the beauties I saw at the Northern Territory the rest of the world seems to be a bit dull. It actually took me a while to find the right spots in Sydney, but now I can give you the places to be and the drinks to drink:). So first my humble opinion to Australian beer: It is great! While the most common beer "VB" is a very good one, I would count the bit more expensive Boag's to the best in the world (together with Päffgen-Kölsch and Budweiser. And these are the places to try them:

1. The Marble Bar!

Located under the Hilton Hotel this is the most beautifull Bar in Australia. When you liked the movie Cocktail, you should watch Gerard Walker mix. He leaves Tom Cruise in the sandbox class! The Jazz/Funk/Rock Bands play without cover charge and would alone justify every entrance fee. Thats the place to be, with lots of cute girls in their cocktail dresses and a sylvester party mood every day. Mai Tai comes at 11$.

2. The Horizon

The Cocktail Bar in the ANA Tower Hotel overviews Sydney from the 36th floor. The drinks are good but a bit expensive for Sydney (Mai Tai 14$), justified by the sensationell view of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera house and the Harbour itself.

3. Sydney IMAX

Ever been to an IMAX cinema? Check this one out with the biggest screen in the world! There are some people here from munich and they also thought, that the Sydney IMAX is 2 times bigger than the Munich one. I saw T-Rex 3D and almost had to pee in my pants.

More Photos and Tourist Infos still to come... Enjoy the pics and hover your mouse over them for additional remarks....

That's it!

View of Sydney

View of Sydney

Thats the place I live in. Its "good enough" for the short period of time I am there. The worst thing about it are the false fire alarms twice a week at 6 in the morning or 2:30 at night. But there is a price for everything I think...

The Queen Mary Building, home of students, doctors and patients alike

Fire fighters in front of the Queen Mary at 6 a.m.

These are the people I work with:

Prof Young, after selling the winning horse 1 hour too early....

Me getting the Cheque after betting on the second winner in the Melbourne Cup horse race

Dr. Corte lectures about his favorite x-rays

Malcolm, my Registrar! (Stationsarzt)

Ilias, Yaron, Malcolm

Ilias, my AiP

View of Sydney

Nader risking his life

Fish&Chips on Bondi Beach

View from Manly

Wollongong with a cockatoo

Prashant from Bombay, India

Stanwell Park beach in the Royal National Park, 50km south of Sydney

typical Australian BBQ at the beach

View of Sydney

Tjaha, my doctors r very very nice to me. Dr Corte (OA) sent me Thursday (2 weeks ago) on a scenic Sydney walk from Manly to Spit Bridge (grab a map, if U got one). On the 3hrs walk, I met Babsy. Babsy, coming from Aachen, told me, she would be going to Ayers Rock and Kakadu National Park on Sunday.. So I asked, if she would mind me to join her on the trip and she did not (mind). So we met on Friday at a Travel Agent in Sydney and took the first flight to Alice Springs in the morning of Saturday (7:55). There we rented a huge Toyota Bushcamper, a Land Cruiser with a bed, a fridge, a cooking place and 4wheel drive! When Babsy saw it she could not believe the size of the car.. The sight of the car alone let us grin for the next 2 or 5 days. Then we went down to Ayers Rock, saw the Olgas, to a scenic (everything was kind of "scenic") helicopter flight over Kings Canyon (the Aussies call it the GRAND CANYON of AUSTRALIA......) and went over the Meerenie Loop Road to Alice Springs. There we went in a bar and had the big four to eat: Kangoroo, Camel, Crocodile and Emu. We loved the Kangoroo so much, that we bought 1,5kg of Kangoroo Filet in the next supermarket (8$ for the kg :). Then we left the Alice for the Track up north, 1500 km to Darwin. We swam in some alligator River, because we thought it to be safe, until we found the real safe thermal baths of Mataranka. Had a BBQ at Devils Marbles, walked the Kathrine gorge, went to Kakadu (where we did a "scenic" flight over Jim Jim Falls) and Litchfield National Park and chilled out in Darwin. From there I flew back to Sydney (5 and a half hour flight) and Babsy flew to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef.. Lucky her. We wrote a diary and I hope to be able to write everything down and put it on the Web. The flies were eating us up, but the trip was simply amazing. Check the new and special Kakadu Page for pictures and the diary (only available in German in the moment, sorry)

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