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Ahh, Bangkok.... what a wonderful city! Some of you know, that I expected Bangkok to be a very cheap place to be. It is not. I spent quite some money for sightseeing, but have to say, it was worth every penny. I hired myself a guide, who took me to all the places in Bangkok one has to see. Only to tell about the best parts: I saw the floating market, where I had brunch this morning: a fresh opened coconut as a drink and wonderfull lemongrass chicken. I had a real Thai massage: the masseuse is only happy, if she hears your joints knack and I was surprised to find out, how many of them I really have. And then I went for the best Thai food I ever had at The Oriental (including the hot soup, Jan loves so much). I learned a lot about Buddhism, which was easy, because I knew almost nothing before. All in all, Bangkok was an extraordinary experience for me and I can only suggest checking it out yourself.



Kokusnuesse, viele davon


Der Schwimmende Markt

frische Kokusnussmilch zum Fruehstueck

im Boot wird auch gekocht


Blick aus meinem Zimmer

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