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How's goin mates?

this page is about the east coast of Australia and what I did there. Please keep your mouse OVER the pictures to get an additional commentary!!

New Years at the Gold Coast

I had my first New Year's Eve on the beach. That felt a bit funny. But worse was, to sweat at christmas! Lucky me enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Hayden's, who reminded me of the honour to have a such a wonderful family.

chasing skandinavian goddesses in Byron Bay with the Hayden bros.

The students quarters of the Gold Coast hospital had only a TV. So after a rainy and lonely first of January I decided to change my location from the Gold Coast to a very big bit up north, to Cairns. I called Quantas and took the next flight.

TV runs all the time at the Coast

TV runs all the time at the Coast

Cairns is the best juming board to experience the the Great Barrier Reef. and so I did :))). I took some live aboard boats to different destinations at the reef. I dived the Cod Hole, the Ribbon Reef, went south to Townsville to dive the Yongala and improved my diving very much.

seasnake at Yongala wreck

giant morray (1,5m diameter)





Eagle Rays (between 2m to 3m diameter!!)


no idea, who that is

On my travels I met a lot of interesting people. I moved further south to Airlie Beach, which is a wonderful destination to see gorgeous shilas. I went on a sailing trip, but because the first one was hunted by bad weather, I had to take another one, which was excellent (very recommended: Raggamuffin)

Pirate (Tatoo inside lower Lip says Pussy)

Adam + me

sailing the Whitsundays

Kerstin, bringing beer ;)

sailing the Whitsundays

sailing the Whitsundays

sailing the Whitsundays

After I came back from my trip, things had changed a lot in the dorms. There were a lot of people and I learned a lot of rude Australian english and Steak cooking (1kg Rumpsteak/6 Aus$!!)

Alison, Rachael + me killing 6kg of steak

The student quarters

Welcome to Phloston Paradise!

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