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Class I Digital IdClass I Digital Id

Aloha from Paradise!

this was my TAXI! My house is in the background!

I make progress!

Big Beach!

go get the coconut!

Hulagirl at the Luau

Hawaiian Firedancer at the Luau

Sretchko thinks about staying longer on Hawaii

hiking to the waterfall

hiking to the waterfall

Sretchko drinks out of the river

The waterfall!

Sretchko and me ralxing after a long day hiking

divebottles to fill my logbook!

snorkeling with the turtles

No Rain, No Rainbow!


coconut on the beach (+2cl Rum +1cl pineapple juice :))

Bud on Hawaii

BBQ, hawaiian style

Ike doing the ultimate water test

no comment

lava tube

on the road to the lavaflow

on the road to the lavaflow

spectacular lava flow!

the liferiskers

on the road to the lavaflow

Jan risking his life



Miriam after her first dive

Jan after his first dive

dolphins after their first dive!


on top of Haleakala


Jan does not like roosters to close ...

learning the meaning of PUPU

Jan in the rainforest


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